Nancy Cate

Nancy brings wisdom and
unique insights to your
transformational healing experience

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Enhanced happiness, health and
awareness from a
mind body perspective

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Wellness & joy
through the challenges
in your children’s lives

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Healing to help your
animals when they are
sick, hurt or unhappy

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Welcome to Knowledge Tree – Wellness for Mind, Body & Spirit

Step across the threshold of Knowledge Tree and let its healing calm embrace you.

Nancy Cate can help you with transformational healing for your health, relationships, abundance, your children and your animals.

When you choose Nancy as your practitioner, you are in the safest hands. She has been intuitively helping clients on a one-on-one basis for more than twelve years with ThetaHealing™, a mind body approach to well-being.

Do you want to make strong choices, unburdened by the negativity of past experiences or self-limiting beliefs?

You can create balance, wealth and success – whatever these things personally mean to you.

You can soothe and heal your body and your spirit, to aid recovery from physical ailment or emotional trauma.

It’s just not adults that can benefit from Nancy’s insights and help; she has also worked successfully with children and is an animal communicator for your beloved four-legged friends. She believes there’s healing energy that can bring beautiful and easy change to your life – transformation could be closer than you thought possible.

When you’re ready to bring loving change to your life, contact Nancy Cate at Knowledge Tree.

Everyone knows someone who can benefit from healing.  To show how much it helped you, give them the gift of a healing session and they can experience this for themselves.

Certificates can be for any amount and used for one-on-one healing sessions, class fees or Knowledge Tree products. To purchase one of these beautiful certificates please call Knowledge Tree 09 479 5709 or email

Each area in my life of love, finance, career and spirituality Nancy has worked on, the results have been amazing.
Rachel Watson
My first session uncovered and released an incredible amount of unconscious and formerly unknown ‘stuff’ I’d been holding on to.
We moved mountains in just that one session. It was transformational.
Carol Ann
Working with Nancy has been an absolute pleasure. As a practitioner she has integrity and works with clear yet compassionate boundaries. Her innate and personal understanding of healing gives you a session full of what will best work for you for your highest good.
Kelly Towers

Healing Classes

Learn a mind body & spirit technique for empowered transformational healing & easy change.

Nancy has a series of Healing Classes available:

Thank you for an amazing class. I have enjoyed everything about it. It’s been surprisingly easy, and the technique is a lot more straightforward than I thought.


You are also an outstanding tutor, so encouraging and funny. Your experience and love shines through everything.


And once again a big thank you for my personal healing among it all!


Someone said to me yesterday that I was ‘radiant’ – it’s been a long time since someone said that to me. I just feel happier and can’t explain why. I’m more contented and settled, thanks for your expertise and help.

After only one session I saw a considerable difference (in my son). Since then I have taken all my children to Nancy and have seen wonderful positive changes in all their lives. Thank you, forever grateful.
Thank you for the ThetaHealing you did on my dog (after she suffered a stroke). She’s completely got her character back and I’m just absolutely amazed that this has happened so quickly. She’s so much better I can’t thank you enough.