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1 class BasicWhat would you like to change about yourself and your life?  Do you want to learn how to manifest your goals for good health, relationships and abundance, positively identify and change your repetitive patterns, or forge your own spiritual connection and awareness, enhance your intuition and spiritually offer help others?  It’s possible to achieve this and more with a tried, true and fast technique for change called ThetaHealing.

Nancy Cate has been effectively teaching this technique to students for over 12 years and she knows that anyone can learn how to do this if they believe that there’s a healing energy that helps us create our lives, and are open in accessing this through their intuition. Then sound knowledge, practice and experience will work together so you can help yourself and others.

The course was fabulous! Thank you very much for all your time and energy during those 3 days of amazing spiritual growth. YP

In Nancy’s class you’ll learn the ThetaHealing technique from the beginning – how to combine using your theta brainwaves to form your own intuitive connection for healing, then broaden that experience so you can facilitate healings with unconditional love, such as:

Practicing how to change the outcomes in your life through facilitating physical, spiritual and emotional healings and ‘readings’, positively changing old patterns and feeling work to re-frame your mindset as you choose, plus many other spiritual processes such as clearing programs for ageing, finding your most compatible soul mate, clearing out energy from past relationships, cleansing your ‘space’, releasing radiation, angel readings, balancing of brain chemicals, healing help for your children and your animals and much more.  You’ll have a really effective range of intuitive healing processes at your disposal.

It’s a class that takes you from an intellectual understanding to a personal experience and ‘knowing’ of this work. As you practice all the techniques in class you’ll receive lots of personal healing and students usually feel a deep sense of accomplishment even after just 3 days.

Nancy has an ability to convey the information so it sticks into my brain; I didn’t want the course to end.  I feel empowered about my healing abilities.  I’ve gained inner strength and have a new lease on life.  I feel revitalised, energetic and absolutely amazing.  DL

Pre-requisites: there are no pre-requisites, but it’s recommended you experience a healing session before attending class and do some pre-reading for your course text which is sent to you when you enrol.

Next Basic Class: Friday 8 – Sunday 10 February 2019

Venue:  Aristotles Motel, Cnr Link Drive & Sunnynook Road, Wairau Park, Auckland

Fee: $740.00 (including gst)

Please note: this fee includes a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $180.00 (including gst)

To secure your place please pay your deposit 5 weeks before class and the balance is due one week before class.

Early Bird Offer: $665.00 (including gst) if you have enrolled and paid in full by Friday 18 January.

At class you’ll receive your course manual and certificate of completion. Your course text is usually sent to you before class.

Morning and afternoon refreshments are included.

To enrol:

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About the Author:

Nancy knows how to translate gentle intuitive insights and profound healing into great results. Her blog reflects her desire to inspire you to contemplate and discover new ways of easily transforming your health, relationships and abundance. With twelve years experience as an intuitive healer & teacher, Nancy is deeply knowledgeable on how you can utilise a mind, body and spirit perspective for wellness. She is based in Auckland, New Zealand; teaching and working in private practice with adults, children and animals. To learn more visit