Intuitive healing can be life changing for children

Children and teens respond well to the gentle energies of Nancy’s healing sessions. She is very skilled at working with children of all ages to understand and heal the origins of their issues.

Nancy has helped many younger children move through fears or experiences like bad dreams and separation anxieties, learning difficulties and of course their physical well-being. Teen clients may also need help with their self-esteem, managing family and school issues, recovering from eating disorders, bullying, forming healthy relationships and more.

“He should go see Nancy, she’ll help him” – 7 year old boy.

Children and teens sometimes need help to understand why they are feeling the way they do. Nancy is well experienced at listening and intuitively recognizing their deeper feelings and emotions. Her style of help is designed to give them a very calm and positive way forward with clarity and the help of healing energy. She’s found that all ages are usually quick to notice the changes and let her know when they feel better.

Thank you for offering gentle yet professional healing for both my teenage kids – Cherie

Many of the children and teens Nancy sees have parents who are interested in healing and are open to the idea of intuitive healing being another tool that can assist their family (alongside other medical and complementary treatments).

Things seem easier for my son, with learning, understanding and communication. He said his head is clear,
and his mind has room for better things. SM

It’s preferred that parents or caregivers attend the session; and there is no physical contact during any healing work for children or teens. During a session Nancy always works carefully to ensure that everyone is well informed, feels safe and has complete freedom to decide what healing changes they will accept. The results are young people emerge feeling like a load has been lifted off them and they can once again be the vibrant and happy people they deserve to be.

Children’s sessions are one hour (includes half and hour with your child, plus a pre and post session discussion).  Parents or caregivers attend.

Bookings can be made through the online booking system but it’s essential you make time to speak with Nancy before the session:

Phone: +64 9 479 5706 or +64 27 2888 657

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Enhanced happiness, health and awareness from a mind body perspective

Thank you again for your help and guidance that ultimately led to the birth of our beautiful boy Lucas.
I recommend Nancy to any child needing to feel happier and more confident. Ultimately that’s what we all want for our kids!
Georgia has done a complete turn around and is back to her old self. Thank you so much. It’s truly amazing what you do.