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Learn a mind body & spirit technique for empowered healing & easy change

Nancy had been exploring healing for many years when she was given a book on ThetaHealing. For her it held the promise of helping her reach her goal of getting to the origin of her issues to make lasting changes. She immediately liked the perfect mix of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, using the principles of quantum physics, energy medicine and energy psychology – all within the embrace of unconditional love.

It’s possible for you to learn how to heal like too this using the ThetaHealing technique. It’s a meditation training technique, based on a spiritual philosophy, for the improvement and evolvement of your mind body & spirit. It teaches you how to use your theta brainwaves, intuition and focused thoughts to connect to the healing Energy That Moves in All Things. By using your own connection to this energy you can empower yourself to co-create healing changes.

Classes can take you from an intellectual understanding of healing to a much deeper personal experience and knowledge of this energy:

You were absolutely right – the process of working in class is completely different from reading a book, or watching ThetaHealers on YouTube.  Books and YouTube can give you understanding on the logical level I think, or confidence that it works, but classes give you the knowing and feeling level. A Reece

As Nancy and countless others have found, you too can learn this intuitive healing process as an effective way to make fast, easy and transformative change in many areas of your life and well-being.

What is loved most of all is the realisation that this kind of work is not only possible, but easy to learn and it can be practiced immediately. AC

Nancy’s had extensive experience and in-depth training to be your highly qualified teacher and mentor through the personal and spiritual development that naturally happens as you master and expand your healing skills. She holds both her Masters and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing, has assisted on international instructor trainings and is the Country Facilitator for New Zealand.

Nancy’s gentle, honest, truly compassionate and loving connection and teaching skills are a true gift to humanity. Gloria Ramsay

There are ThetaHealing classes to take you where you want to go. Most students learn for self-healing or to work on family and friends, and then expand to work with others when they are ready. Here’s your pathway of learning the ThetaHealing technique.

Begin by developing your core skills

Basic – your complete starter toolkit of the technique

Advanced – deepen your intuitive understanding of your world

Dig Deeper – to discover the origin of issues

Next build on those cores skills with these classes

Game of Life – the 7 stages of business & personal success

Manifesting & Abundance – to create the life you desire

Animals – to co-create healing & communication

Rhythm – to find your perfect weight

Plants – for awareness & understanding

Specialised & intensive classes for the serious practitioner

Intuitive Anatomy – journey of insight through the body

Disease and Disorder – an intuitive roadmap of disease

World Relations – living without inner conflict

DNA 3 – master a truly connected life

Planes of Existence – the 7 Planes philosophy behind ThetaHealing

Some classes are open to everyone

Soul Mate – opening your heart to love

Rainbow Children – for all ages – to recognise & enhance your intuition

Pre-requisites apply. 

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Here’s your choice of classes currently on offer for your own journey of healing and transformation.
Please contact me if there is a class you would like to do that is not listed.