Intuitive insight & inspiration for your healing changes

Sometimes you need someone to help you understand what’s really going on in your life, to guide you out the other side of an issue and help you re-frame your perspective. Nancy believes that change is always possible and she combines a mind body approach with intuitive healing to bring you one-on-one sessions tailored to your unique needs.

She’s here for your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and can assist you using ThetaHealing, a meditational technique for change.  You’ll discover it’s a process that encompasses energy medicine and energy psychology within the embrace of unconditional love for gentle, profound and insightful healing.

Nancy has that rare gift and ability of being to touch with empathy and love the deepest parts, to heal past and present wounds and provide an awareness that soothes the soul and make life a lot clearer, more joyful and lighter. – Rachel Watson

Nancy’s healing work is underpinned by a belief that there’s a healing energy that can help us and if you’re comfortable with this idea she starts a conversation to find out what you would like to change in your life. Sessions often include help to identify and change self-limiting thoughts and feelings that could unknowingly stand in your way.

I’m loved, I’m free and I’m me. – Sandra Waters

Nancy can also assist the healing journey of clients with physical ailments, ranging from depression, to cancer, stress, back pain and more.

After one session the pain I’d experienced all these
years had gone. – Jeanine

The healing process can sometimes be really fast, other times there are no quick fixes and you may need several sessions to get to where you want to be. It’s a very personal path and Nancy has is deeply experienced at holding your hand on the journey.

I could tap into an inner strength and change my life. – A J Trent

Nancy specialises in the mind, body, spirit approach to healing but always supports you to work with your choice of other conventional or alternative health providers and treatments. Her work may be all you need, or another valuable resource to add to your recovery toolkit.

I recommend a visit to Nancy if you have to have surgery.
– Hayley Evans

Nancy’s healing sessions are a unique approach to personal and spiritual development. She accesses the intangible ‘healing energy’ for your session using a theta brainwave technique. Clients usually describe this as a deeply relaxing and peaceful part of their session.

Nancy aims for you to walk out with a happier perspective than when you walked in, an improvement in your feeling of physical well-being, or enhanced awareness of your path. It’s all about easy change.

Oh, this is the way I’m supposed to feel – Sue Murray


Enhanced happiness, health and awareness from a mind body perspective

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Children and teens can have their joyful and vibrant energy restored

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Healing to help your animals when they are sick, hurt or unhappy

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One-on-one sessions for adults are one hour and can be conducted face to face, or during a Skype or phone call.

Children’s sessions are half an hour.

Animals healings are all done via distant healing and are 30 minutes
Both Children’s and Animal bookings can be made over the phone by calling Nancy on either;

Phone: +64 9 479 5706 or +64 27 2888 657

Nancy always encourages her clients to work closely with their medical professionals to achieve an optimal balance of care, and to ensure their overall well-being. Her work is not a substitute for medical care and treatments.

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I felt completely at peace, content and like I was floating on a cloud after my session with Nancy. It was a truly amazing feeling! 
I had no expectation of change (in my lower back) and came with an open mind. It was wonderful to experience such a physical difference the next day. 
Thanks again for such a wonderful healing – life feels very different! You are truly a transformational healer.