I discovered that ThetaHealing is truly life changing for children.

From a young age my daughter had suffered from night terrors and frequent, recurring nightmares.  She had experienced some improvement through homeopathic treatment, in that the frequency of the nightmares would reduce for a time.  I decided to try ThetaHealing for my daughter because I firmly believed that it wasn’t necessary for her to be experiencing so much fear.  I discovered that ThetaHealing is truly life changing for children.  Nancy, with my permission, brought in exactly what my child needed to heal her fears.  Nancy was also able to clearly explain to me the exact experience my daughter was living every night.  For me this knowledge was indispensable as it gave me a window into my four year old that had hitherto been completely obscured.

When my daughter recently started school this healing became a precious medium and an equally invaluable insight into her unique perception of life.  A week of spontaneous nosebleeds, up to seven a day, had everyone in her class very concerned.  It was reassuring to know that we could work with Nancy to find out what was at the root of this physical symptom and to heal it.  Discovering the source of my daughter’s perceptions, fears, dreams and physical complaints has enabled a wonderful understanding of my child.  I feel secure in the knowledge that this healing has created a healthy, strong and reliable foundation for her continued development as a human being.  Karen Greening

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