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Advanced Class would be the next step after Basic to evolve your healing abilities. Your skills will be enhanced as you learn amazing processes such as ‘Healing the Baby in the Womb’ and ‘Healing the Broken Soul’, how to clear energetic imprints, intuitively connecting to plants, the higher self and your ancestors. It’s your opportunity to understand and clear your hidden barriers to a happy life, surprising things like resentment, rejections and regret. You’ll experience clearing old limitations or ideas about healing that could hold you back and experience a multitude of ‘downloads’ of many positive feelings to enhance your life.

Students emerge with a beautiful understanding of the Planes of Existence that make up our world and how to more surely connect to the Energy that Moves in All Things. Pre-requisites: Basic

It seems like I have been asking many, many questions for years and this course has framed these questions and answered many of them. I am so grateful that these courses were available in this lifetime for me! ThetaHealing will totally complement where and how I work with my clients. It has also given me heaps of self-healing and self-growth tools for me and my close family. Jenni

I loved the Theta Basic Class, but the Advanced Class was even more amazing. I have gained a lot more understanding and confidence, and now feel confident to practice on others, which is quite a breakthrough for me. I am blown away by just how versatile ThetaHealing is, and how many areas of life it can be applied to; it is very empowering and insightful.  Once again I was very impressed with Nancy’s professional approach, and her wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks a Million! Cathrin

Pre-requisites: Basic & Advanced Class

Dates: Saturday 16th – Monday 18th March 2019

Fee: $740.00 (including gst)

This fee includes a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $180.00 (including gst)

To secure your place please pay your deposit 5 weeks before class and the balance is due one week before class.

Early Bird Offer: $665.00 (including gst) if you have enrolled and paid in full one month before class.

At class you’ll receive your course manual and certificate of completion.

Morning and afternoon refreshments are included.

To enroll: