Frequently Asked Questions2017-03-13T03:43:41+00:00

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s really natural for us to ask questions when we’re deciding the best course of action for ourselves.

The same applies if you’re asking ‘is this the right kind of healing experience for me?’ or ‘what would this kind of healing process going offer me?’

Please read these Frequently Asked Questions in part, or totally – and if you feel you’ve still got questions looking for an answer, you’re very welcome to contact Nancy:
P: +64 9 479 5706 E:  Or browse the ‘Experiences’ page – because another clients words may hold the answer you’re seeking.

Do you teach classes?2017-03-13T03:41:18+00:00

Yes I do, to enquire about these please see the Classes Page or contact Nancy;
Phone: +64 9 479 5706  Email:

Can I still use alternative, complementary treatments if I am seeing you for a session?2017-03-13T03:40:20+00:00

Yes, there are a great many alternative treatments that can sit well alongside your healing session. I support my clients to choose what’s right for them, such as seeing a naturopath or herbalist, increasing exercise or having bodywork or exploring healthy eating, meditation etc. Sometimes ‘healing’ oneself is very confusing because of the huge number of options available. It’s a matter of finding the best ways to get the best results.

Do you diagnose, prescribe or suggest changes to medication?2017-03-13T03:39:49+00:00

No, that is the job of your medical treatment providers. My work is not a substitute for medical treatment. After your sessions you may feel your condition has changed, in these circumstances I always recommend re-visiting your provider and discussing the situation with them and they can assess things.

Can I use medical treatments if I am seeing you for a session?2017-03-13T03:39:15+00:00

I always encourage clients to work closely with their doctors. My type of mind/body healing work can work well in conjunction with medical treatments, offering emotional support, clarification on the choices you wish to make, understanding the background and broader implications of your situation and help to see what recovery could hold for you.

How many sessions will I need?2017-03-13T03:38:40+00:00

Some people only need one session, others feel they would like more assistance and they gain the most from several sessions. Others come along for regular sessions for ongoing personal and spiritual development. For some they feel they have had improvements but need some more help – it’s your choice to return for more sessions. Some clients prefer to commit to a course of sessions and details of this are on the bookings page.

Can I bring a friend or support person to my session?2017-03-13T03:38:09+00:00

Of course you can, except it’s important to bear in mind that the topics discussed during your session can often be deeply personal. Privacy can let you access the things you really need to find and is definitely recommended. If you want to bring someone along please let me know in advance.

What should I do after the session?2017-03-13T03:37:34+00:00

I think it’s a good idea to have a little time for you – if that’s possible, but it’s not essential and can even impossible with our busy lives. I suggest clients are quietly aware of things that may feel or be different around them that day and on the following days.  I’m happy to receive feedback from clients and they are welcome to contact me if they have questions or queries. Staying present to your own well-being is often key to identifying changes.

How will I feel after the session?2017-03-13T03:37:04+00:00

This is incredibly individual and depends on the issues we have worked on. Clients frequently say they feel lighter, more relaxed, the physical symptoms may have gone, or they may no longer feel upset about what was formerly bothering them. Other clients may have noticed less during their healing but are prepared to see what favorable outcome happens. It’s a very individual process and if you’d like to read more head over to the experiences page.

What will I feel during the session?2017-03-13T03:36:29+00:00

With intuitive healing some people feel lots of things happening and changing in their space, others feel virtually nothing. Having worked in this field for 12 years I know that clients can still have changes and shifts whether they notice them during the session or not. We do the healing processes and see what changes unfold.

Do I have to have special spiritual or religious beliefs?2017-03-13T03:35:58+00:00

My clients usually feel life has a spiritual dimension, even if they don’t totally understand it. They are also receptive to the belief that there is a healing energy that we can ask for help. I respect the religious and spiritual beliefs of all my clients and you are free to have your own beliefs. My healing works is available for people of all ages, walks of life and nationalities who believe healing is possible, and are interested in experiencing the mind body approach to intuitive healing that I offer.

What technique do you use during my healing session?2018-02-26T18:53:19+00:00

Nancy is highly trained and experienced in the ThetaHealing™ Technique, which could be described as a meditational and intuitive energy healing technique to help you, based on a spiritual philosophy, for the improvement or evolvement of your mind, body and spirit.

What happens during a session?2017-03-13T03:34:50+00:00

You’ll share with me what areas of your life you want assistance with – with relationships, abundance, creativity, jobs, physical health, spiritual development, emotional issues and more.
My role is to facilitate the healing process for you. With your permission I’ll ask to do an intuitive ‘tune in’ to your space to read what is happening. At this stage I may take your hand if you are comfortable with that (it’s optional).  This is not done during distant sessions, or when I work with children.  I also sometimes use simple muscle testing to help identify your inner thoughts and feelings about the topic. With your permission I can then do the ‘energy work’ of the session. We progress with conversation interspersed with intuitive healing until completion.

The aim is to help you get clear about your internal motivations and give you a simple way forward with positive beliefs and feelings. This is often combined with work for enhanced physical, spiritual or emotional well-being.

What should I do to prepare for my session?2017-03-13T03:34:13+00:00

Having goals of what you want to get out of the session helps us create a more productive session. Then between booking and your session you may find you contemplate and consider the issue or goal you want help with. That’s natural and is part of the mind/body aspect of preparing yourself for change. From a physical perspective it’s recommended you are well hydrated and can give yourself some undisturbed time to devote to your healing.

Are sessions done in person or over the phone?2017-03-13T03:33:43+00:00

Adults and children’s sessions are very easy to facilitate in person or over the phone. It’s very much a personal preference. Many clients prefer to meet me; others are very comfortable with distant work. Both are as effective as each other, it’s your choice. Animal sessions are usually  done with distance work.

Why are children, teens and animal sessions shorter?2017-03-13T03:33:09+00:00

The lovely reason for this is that generally they respond to healing processes very quickly!  Not everyone does,  but then its always an option to return if desired.

How long is a session?2017-03-13T03:32:33+00:00

Adults generally need one hour for each session and we can get a lot of work achieved in that time.
Children and teen sessions are half an hour and animal sessions are all 30 minutes.

Where do you practice?2017-03-13T03:29:49+00:00

Knowledge Tree is at Browns Bay, Auckland. Venue details are confirmed after you have registered and booked on line or over the phone. Consultations are only by appointment.

How much does a session cost?2018-01-30T13:46:37+00:00

Adults initial sessions are $170 for up to one and a half hours.  Following sessions are $140 for one hour. Concessions are available (excluding your initial session), please see the Booking page for details.

Children initial sessions are $130 for one hour (includes half an hour with your child plus pre and post session discussion), follow ups are $100

Animal initial sessions are $130 for one hour (includes half an hour for your animal plus pre and post session discussion). Follow ups are $100