A gentle yet powerfully effective way of shifting my stuff

I’m going to share a little story….about 5 or 6 years ago I’d reached a point in my life where I’d come to realise that all the books I’d read, all the therapy I’d done, all the meditations, self help programs & healers I’d worked with were only scratching the surface. I still wasn’t achieving the success, happiness & alignment (or flow) I knew I deserved. A very dear friend of mine told me about Nancy and her work. And so my journey began…. I’ve been working with Nancy ever since. Sometimes once a month, sometimes less or more.  Yesterday during a conversation (we always ‘meet’ on the phone) it dawned on me how lucky I was to have found such a gentle yet powerfully effective way of shifting my stuff. I’ve worked on my current beliefs, my past beliefs, my family & ancestors beliefs that sat in my experience & DNA. I’ve worked & reworked layers. I’ve created success and joy beyond what I thought was ever possible. The coolest part for me is that it’s all been without trauma. No need to regress into my past & spend a session verbally & emotionally processing and feeling exhausted with the trauma of it.  If you feel inspired to work with Nancy, I’m certain it will be a powerful, life altering experience.  Sky Leigh

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Nancy knows how to translate gentle intuitive insights and profound healing into great results. Her blog reflects her desire to inspire you to contemplate and discover new ways of easily transforming your health, relationships and abundance. With twelve years experience as an intuitive healer & teacher, Nancy is deeply knowledgeable on how you can utilise a mind, body and spirit perspective for wellness. She is based in Auckland, New Zealand; teaching and working in private practice with adults, children and animals. To learn more visit www.knowledgetree.co.nz