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Knowledge Tree is all about wellness for your mind, body and spirit. It’s a chance to leave your day to day world behind and enter an oasis of time that is just for you.

I felt completely at peace, content and like I was floating on a cloud after my session with Nancy.
It was a truly amazing feeling! 
– I.O

What’s happening in your life right now where you could really use a little help to find the best way through either the confusion, the challenge or the decision making? So you can get to a strong place that supports who you are and who you want to be.

You may be someone wanting to bring love back into your relationship, find a fulfilling new job, build your business or to manifest your dream. You may be someone seeking insight on how healing may be able to contribute to recovery from chronic or acute health conditions, to resolve your past issues, change old habits or simply crave having your energy and vitality back. You may be the parent of a beautiful child that is struggling with life or you may have a pet that could use a little help. One thing you will have in common with all of Nancy’s clients is a belief that there is a healing energy that can help you improve things in some way and from that standpoint they are open to having a healing session.

After the session it just seemed like a huge weight had
been lifted off my shoulders, it helped improve my motivation and I could start to move forward. – C.E

At Knowledge Tree Nancy knows it can be easier than you think to clear your blocks and find your inner peace. All you may really need is some time to take an intuitive look at what is happening in your life. Let those events be the start of a deeper exploration of what makes you tick and they can become your catalyst for change in life.

Thanks again for a wonderful healing – life feels very different!
You truly are a transformational healer. –

Your session will be a one-on-one exploration of whatever is going on in your life from a spiritual perspective so you can experience the gift of healing in your life. If you are really committed to change you may want to have a course of several sessions to consistently move yourself forward. It’s about taking responsibility with understanding, kindness and love.

Your visit to Knowledge Tree can open the door to change. Would you like to step through?

Nancy’s been someone that I have turned to in times of need, to have a very nurtured and safe person to work with. 
Nancy’s gentle, honest, truly compassionate and loving connection and teaching skills are a true gift to humanity. 
Gloria Ramsay
You’re a wonderful woman and have a lovely sense of calm. I’ve really appreciated the gentleness with which you have listened to the difficulties in my life and helped me to piece myself back together.

Nancy Cate – Intuitive Healer

Nancy Cate
Nancy is able to share her passion for life enrichment and empowerment by guiding others on their healing journeys. Combining her practical know-how, in depth expertise, her intuitive feeling and her own life experiences, she can guide clients on the path towards their personal goals – health, success, wealth, relationships and more.

What makes Nancy’s work unique is her dedication, commitment and practice that brings the gift of making a true difference in others’ lives. She is incredibly experienced at reaching a theta brain wave state to facilitate your healing shifts and brings wisdom, insight and balanced discernment of subtle energies to bring to your session.

Nancy is the consummate professional in every sense.
A healer with an absolute unwavering dedication to her art and practice, through which I have observed miraculous results for myself and others. All delivered with a warmth and certainty that is difficult to describe – I highly suggest you experience it for yourself! Then join me in saying thanks Nancy! – Bob Hlusak

Nancy began her healing journey when she discovered nutritional therapy when she was just 17 years old. Her thirst for knowledge has never been quenched and since the age of 30 she has actively pursued a spiritual path with an exploration of many modalities.  Nancy’s work is based in the age old philosophy of ‘oneness’ and ‘inter-connectedness’, which she brings to you with a modern expression in the form of the ThetaHealing™ technique.

ThetaHealing could be described as a meditational and intuitive energy healing technique to help you, based on a spiritual philosophy, for the improvement or evolvement of your mind, body and spirit.  During your session Nancy accesses a ‘theta’ brainwave, so she can pray with focused thoughts and intention for you to receive unconditional love to assist in the healing changes you desire.  Nancy facilitates or witnesses these changes in a co-creative process based on your free will and a connection to the ‘Energy That Moves In All Things.’

Nancy’s clients all need some degree of belief that intangible energy healing is possible for their sessions to be effective. Most have an understanding that life is a multi-dimensional experience and they usually find Nancy’s sessions both therapeutic and helpful for personal and spiritual development.  Her style of healing may also appeal to you if you are interested in energy psychology or energy medicine, Era II and III medicine, mindfulness, metaphysics and the many expressions of the divine quantum creative field.

Nancy has had extensive training in ThetaHealing to ensure she is always a leader in her field.  She currently holds her Masters and Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing, has hosted or assisted on both local and international instructor trainings and is the Country Communicator (CIC) for ThetaHealing New Zealand.

During the course of her thirteen year teaching career Nancy has taught over 200 intuitive healing classes and worked closely with each student to make their healing journey an enlightening experience.

Thank you so much for our session; it was amazing and a real learning for me. – L.T

Nancy’s intuitive side is also well balanced with her Bachelor of Business and she loves exploring and researching her chosen interests. Because Nancy believes education never has a finish line she’ll always be striving for continual improvement and expansion of her intuitive healing abilities.

I love the work you do and the way you do it. – L.D

Her latest creative project includes writing about her experiences with the healing paradigm. Nancy is married and lives in Auckland, New Zealand and is totally involved in running her full time private healing practice and teaching others the possibilities for healing themselves and others.

Phone: +64 9 479 5706 or +64 27 2888 657


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Nancy is a highly qualified teacher of the full range of ThetaHealing classes and is happy to help you begin your journey of healing yourself or others.  There’s a whole world or possibilities out there for you when you learn how to heal.

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