All my clients who have shared their personal experiences and results of my intuitive healing sessions are open to the idea that there’s a healing energy we can ask for help, and they were happy to consider ‘healing’ as a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual experience.  Please bear in mind that the experiences throughout this site are personal feedback that reflect the real life experiences of my clients/students.

With this holistic approach they sometimes had really fast results; others saw healing as a process that could take some time, so they attended several sessions to achieve their desired results. I see every client, issue and session as unique and the same applies to your individual results.

If you identify with one of these experiences and bring a similar ‘issue’ to your session, asking to receive similar assistance, you may get a different result.  As with life, there is no one panacea or ‘one size fits all’ solution for any given problem.  It’s even more so with healing processes and it’s up to each person to choose what they believe will work for them in the pursuit of happiness and healing in their lives.

Intuitive healing is not a substitute for medical treatment and is not for diagnosis or alterations to medications – please see your doctor or health care professional about those.  All  these clients were free to incorporate whatever conventional or alternative healing methods that suited them.

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