World Relations – living without inner conflict

World Relations is the hidden gem among  ThetaHealing classes.  It aims to help you heal your unconscious beliefs concerning age old issues around race, culture and religion. This is an essential class for serious healers so you can be effective with both a broad range of clients and to assist you experience harmony in your own life.

I gained a deeper awareness and perspective on religion and its relationship to countries, cultures and ethnicity. This class changed my view of the world and its religions by the alignment of my thoughts, awareness of peoples choices, and how ancient memories and group consciousness impacts historically. It has just become a part of my thinking and will continue to do so. I have a better understanding of others and their inherent foundations, and of mine too. Sue Yates

Pre-requisites: Basic, Advanced & Intuitive Anatomy and/or Dig Deeper

Next World Relations Class:

Dates to be confirmed, please contact Nancy.

Fee: $980.00 (including gst)

Please note:

This fee includes a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $260.00 (including gst)

To secure your place please pay your deposit 5 weeks before class and the balance is due one week before class.

At class you’ll receive your course manual and certificate of completion.

Morning and afternoon refreshments are included.

To enrol:

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