Yesterday it was like an epiphany

Last night I wanted to send you a message to say how amazing I felt and how free – I had a massive sense of Joy!  The healing yesterday cleared something so huge and has helped me make choices from a space of awareness and love rather than a pattern (that does not serve me!). But I waited as I felt that this was only the initial high, I was still to gain more insight!

You’d helped me look at what was getting in the way in my life and some of those barriers to my financial and business success just weren’t there any more. After the session I could make calls and found new and exciting avenues to develop my business, in areas I’m passionate about – and what’s more I already have the skill sets to do them!

At 2 in the morning I could not sleep, thoughts/ideas/creativity was flowing through me and it was all so clear! I wrote and wrote in my journal, drafting new ideas for my business and putting down on paper what I knew I’d wanted all along. Then lots of other ideas for growing it. It was so simple and there in my face all the time.  If I put these ideas into action I’ll be able to run a great business.

So thank you Nancy – even yesterday it was like an epiphany how things had played out in my life to get me to here, but this transformation is huge and flowing like mad!  I am so looking forward to the workshops – what a blast!

Sat Nam (True Identity – Kundalini Yoga greeting & mantra)
Rachelle Millar

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